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Extremely quick and without issue Transaction time under 5 minutes

norman  18 April 2018

Extremely fast Could not have been faster Simple and quick

norman  13 April 2018

Was real fast. ty so much.

Maurice  31 March 2018


Here are more comments from our great customers!

  • fast and accurate service. Good job.


    Matt   14 March 2018

  • Fantastic service, very polite, very fast. 8 minutes fast!


    John   5 March 2018

  • Absolutely the best for plat. I wouldn't buy from anywhere else. They are the fastest, most reliable plat dealer around.


    Chip   3 March 2018

  • Very fast on time. I will definitely be ordering again.


    Fazaar   27 February 2018

  • Always deliver.


    Chern   17 February 2018

  • I have shopped here for years for krono and plat. The service is always fast and courteous. I won't buy from anywhere else!


    CS   13 February 2018

  • I have bought platinum before from other vendors, but ourplat is the fastest and cheapest.


    Bristle   12 February 2018

  • Great service.


    Anon   12 February 2018

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