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Always Quick Delivery - Thumbs up!

Dan  2 December 2018

They rock, their services are the best, really appreciate you guys work and effort thank ya'll.

Craij_Lonad  21 November 2018

Everquest Plat Delivered within two minutes, with a smile. :) Happy customer

Tom  12 November 2018

Powerlevelling   Kronos  

Buy EverQuest Platinum 

Live Stock (No Partial Delivery)

OurPlat is the leader in Platinum sales.  We keep a live stock of Platinum on all servers.  What does this mean exactly?  It means if you order it, expect delivery almost instantly since we already have it in stock.

The process is very quick, simple and easy. Please select the EverQuest server you play on below.

Delivery will happen within 5 minutes of payment being sent.  Should you experience any delay or have any questions, please join our Live Support and we will be happy to assist you. 

EverQuest Platinum Bonus

Free 10% Bonus Platinum on All Orders.

Purchase EverQuest Platinum on any server, and receive a bonus 10% free extra Platinum on your order.

Firiona Vie

3000k EQ Platinum + Free 300k Bonus
3500k EQ Platinum + Free 350k Bonus
4000k EQ Platinum + Free 400k Bonus
4500k EQ Platinum + Free 450k Bonus
5000k EQ Platinum + Free 500k Bonus
6000k EQ Platinum + Free 600k Bonus
7000k EQ Platinum + Free 700k Bonus
8000k EQ Platinum + Free 800k Bonus
9000k EQ Platinum + Free 900k Bonus
10000k EQ Platinum + Free 1000k Bonus
12500k EQ Platinum + Free 1250k Bonus
15000k EQ Platinum + Free 1500k Bonus
20000k EQ Platinum + Free 2000k Bonus
25000k EQ Platinum + Free 2500k Bonus
30000k EQ Platinum + Free 3000k Bonus
40000k EQ Platinum + Free 4000k Bonus
50000k EQ Platinum + Free 5000k Bonus
60000k EQ Platinum + Free 6000k Bonus
70000k EQ Platinum + Free 7000k Bonus
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